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by Carole Jordan 24 Apr, 2017

This is the most generous tax relief available and is targeted at businesses who are developing new ideas and growing the body of knowledge in their industry and beyond. This is relevant to the future, and any work done in the last two years.

by Carole Jordan 17 Mar, 2017
´╗┐Business properties have been revalued for rates. In general values are increasing but some will see reductions. The rate multipliers have gone down each year for the last 3 years so the amount due may not change very much.
by Carole Jordan 16 Mar, 2017
In his Budget 2015 the chancellor George Osborne changed the basis of dividend tax and increased tax on business owners with effect from April 2016. Now dividend tax is seeing a further increase!
by Carole Jordan 13 Mar, 2017
HMRC have decided that some businesses are gaining too much from the flat rate scheme.
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What changes were made in the Summer Budget 2017?

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