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Which announcements in the Autumn Budget 2017 will effect your business?

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Below we've compiled our blog series on the budget announcements, full of tips and advice to ensure you keep up to date with government changes that could effect you and your small business.

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by Carole Jordan 27 Nov, 2017

The budget announcement continues to be a ‘laugh a minute’ as successive chancellors take the opportunity to present their comedy chops and ridicule the opposition whilst the house of commons roars like a herd of asses’. This year there were a lot of ‘long economiky words’ and a promise of ‘maths for everyone’ amongst other gags.

by Carole Jordan 23 Nov, 2017
The Chancellor Phillip Hammond announced the following changes relevant to businesses yesterday.
by Carole Jordan 13 Nov, 2017

There are proposals to reduce the VAT registration limit to capture more small businesses and increase tax revenue. 55% of small businesses are below the VAT threshold. Find out how you could be effected.

by Carole Jordan 24 Apr, 2017

This is the most generous tax relief available and is targeted at businesses who are developing new ideas and growing the body of knowledge in their industry and beyond. This is relevant to the future, and any work done in the last two years.

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What changes were made in the Summer Budget 2017?

Our governing body ACCA have created a great guide to help you understand the changes from the Summer Budget 2017. 

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