Tax payers urged to appeal deadline penalty

  • by Carole Jordan
  • 12 Feb, 2016

Taxpayers who missed the self-assessment deadline have been urged to appeal HMRC penalties by the Low Income Tax Reform Group, if they believe they have a reasonable excuse.

Taxpayers urged to appeal deadline penalty

LITRG has expressed concern that some taxpayers have suffered from circumstances beyond their control and, as a result, missed the filing deadline thereby incurring HMRC penalty fine of £100. HMRC states that almost one million people will have failed to file their tax returns online on time. One such example cited by the LITRG of extenuating circumstances was the recent bad weather in the north of England which led to severe flooding in parts of the region. HMRC has extended the deadline in this case.

LITRG say that they support HMRC in encouraging people to file on time, but are eager to show support for people who have a genuine reason for the delay. HMRC state that a reasonable excuse is something beyond the control of the taxpayers which stops them from being able to file their tax return on time.

Such examples include:
  • An unexpected stay in hospital.
  • The death of a partner or other close relative shortly before the deadline.
  • A serious or life-threatening illness.
  • Service issues with HMRC’s online services.
  • A computer or software failure while you were preparing your tax return
  • Fire, flood or theft.

The point that LITRG is trying to underline is that when people receive a late penalty fine, there <em>are</em> acceptable excuses for late filing and there may be very good reasons for the delay. If you have received a penalty notice and you’re not sure whether or not you have a reasonable excuse in the eyes of HMRC, it’s worth checking before you hand over that £100.

For more help with this issue please call an advisor now on: 01273 882200.

All details above were correct at the time of publishing - for more up to date information please get in touch .

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