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    "I recommend Carole Jordan to young entrepreneurs because of her ability to counsel and guide them through the financial seas!"
    Gordon Hamme, British Silver Week Limited


BusinessHeads are your small business Consultants

Experienced and objective advisors based in Brighton, here to help you manage and review your small business.

Business coaching & advice

For those looking for consistent support. Using our facilitation and implementation skills, we can work with you to support you in identifying your objectives, achieving your goals and effectively implementing your ideas. As a small business owner it’s lonely at the top but you will always have someone to share your concerns with and support in making all those decisions required of you.

Creating your business plan

A plan that targets your efforts in the right place to give you the best chance of success. We will work with you to establish a strategy that will deliver results to your business. Years of experience working in and with small businesses and banking for small businesses means we have the expertise and insight knowledge you need.

Business management

Being successful means developing good control and communication systems. Often growing businesses need help to establish an effective organisational structure. That’s where we come in, as trained managers we understand the challenges and the possibilities. Let’s get together to be sure you are getting the best from your resources.  

BusinessHeads profit maximiser

At BusinessHeads we have created our own methodology for helping our clients grow their businesses. Using our Profit Maximising methodology we can help you identify and prioritise opportunities that exist within your business, to improve margins and boost your bottom line.

Financing your business

With our experience and skills we can help you identify and obtain the funding you need to help grow your business. If you want to maximise profitability and fuel future growth effectively you will need a finance mix that matches the specific needs of your business. We have the skills to help you create that match.

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by Carole Jordan 20 Nov, 2017

In response to a request from one of our readers I’m going to address losses, which occur in a business on a regular basis for a variety of reasons.

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