Inspirational women

Inspirational women in business

March 8th marks International Women's Day, in support of this we've put together a list of women in business who we find inspiring. Covering a vast array of areas and causes we thought it was time to start singing the praises of Women around the world, and what better time to do this than for International Women's Day.
We've chosen Women from a wide variety of backgrounds and career paths, which just goes to show Women can achieve great things in all walks of life. 

So, let's celebrate their achievements!

Kelly Hoppen MBE International Women's Day

Kelly Hoppen MBE

Kelly is an entrepreneur, author and educator. But she started her career with interior designer, and she now runs her extremely successful business Kelly Hoppen Interiors. She won an MBE in 2009 for services to Interior Design & in 2013 she won the Natwest Everywoman Ambassador award for inspiring more young women to excel.

Alongside her business achievements she is also an ambassador for the Prince's Trust & the Government's GREAT campaign. She shows that great Women do exist in big business, and she even survived the Dragons Den! She'll be returning to our screens this year on The Great Interior Design Challenge.
Nimco Ali International Women's Day

Nimco Ali

Nimco Ali set up Daughters of Eve in 2010 with Leyla Hussein, a non-profit organisation designed to support young women who have been effected by, or are at danger of, female genital mutilation (FGM).

Alongside her work with Daughters of Eve she has also worked as a civil servant and independent training consultant. She has written a lot about FGM and violence against Women and girls within the Black and Minority Ethnic community.
Julia Chanteray International Women's Day

Julia Chanteray

Julia Chanteray is our local inspiring woman in business. She started her career setting up social enterprises in Edinburgh and is now a strong figurehead of business support in the Brighton community.

She used to be President of Brighton Chamber, she regularly talks on TV and Radio, and she used to be the resident business expert on Channel 4’s Risking It All programme. She runs her own business the Joy of Business and in 2016 she launched Recipes for Business Success to help people who want to run a business, but aren't sure which sector to go in to.
Ava DuVernay International Women's Day

Ava DuVernay

Ava is a Director, Screenwriter, and founder of her own distribution company Array. She has conquered the predominantly masculine world of movies. Her 2014 film "Selma", about Martin Luther King, was nominated for a best picture Academy Award.

She recently Directed 13th, a Netflix documentary looking at the United States prison populations. Shedding a light on the disproportionate amounts of African Americans in prison. Ava shows us that you can defeat the odds against you within certain idustries, and be successful, whilst still being able to create the work that your passionate about.
Roshaneh Zafar International Women's Day

Roshaneh Zafar

Roshaneh works in the field of Women's economic empowerment and is our inspiring Woman in Microfinance. She setup the Kashf Foundation in 1996, the first specialized Microfinance organization In Pakistan. Microfinance has been a key tool for developing countries to empower their Women in business, and is something we'll be covering more of in our blog soon.

She worked within the World Bank of Islamabad and has been a Schwab Foundation Entrepreneur since 2004. Rashaneh was awarded the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, one of Pakistan's highest civilian awards for her work in Women's empowerment.
Cat Gazzoli International Women's Day

Cat Gazzoli

Cat has a long history of working within the food industry, she worked in food education within the UN for many years, and was CEO of Slow Food UK. So it's not surprising her latest venture, My Little Piccolo, is all about healthy, organic baby good. In the company's first year it has achieved huge success, showing Cat's clear ability to gauge a gap in the market. 

We had a chance to ask Cat about where her passion for children's food began:
"When I started working with the food campaigner Prue Leith, and the National Childbirth Trust (NCT), is when issues surrounding our children’s health and their relationships with food became an all-consuming interest to me. With the birth of my daughter and talking to parents through the food education charity I founded, it became clearer to me that there was a gap in the market and that parents wanted something different."

Which Women have inspired your business?

Get in touch with us online and let us know! 


You can read more about International Women's Day on their website

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