Choosing an Accountant

How to choose the right Accountant for your business?

Choosing the right accountant for your business can be tricky. If you haven't worked with an accountant before, how do you tell which would be best for you? If you are looking for a new accountant, then you have probably had a disappointing experience in the past that you don’t want to repeat. So, here is a step-by-step approach to help you make the right decision.

Set out your priorities

Decide what will be important to you and your business, in terms of both the services you will need and the way in which you would like those services to be delivered. See our decision making matrix for help working this out.

Do some research

Have a look on the Internet to see what accountants are saying about themselves and which ones appear to be focused on businesses like yours. We suggest you select at least three to gather more information.

Make a few phone calls

Make an initial telephone call with your first questions to establish whether it is worth spending more time meeting them. Use our suggested areas for questions and keep notes on our decision making matrix. We suggest you choose up to three for a face-to-face meeting.

Arrange a meeting

The meeting should be at their offices so that you can get a feel for their operation. Again, use our suggested areas for questions and keep notes using the decision making matrix below. If you come away from the meeting needing any further clarification, take time to call and get all the answers you need.

Review the decision making matrix

Review your decision making matrix and mark each accountant, in each of the questioning areas. If necessary, apply a suitable weighting to reflect your own priorities. From this, you should be in a position to make your decision.

Download your decision making matrix

Ideally, we recommend that you choose three accountants to meet with. To help you prepare for these meetings we have put together a template with a simple decision making matrix, and some questions to get you started.

Fill in the form below to download the matrix.

Download your decision making matrix

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