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By Emma Tester 17 Mar, 2017
´╗┐Business properties have been revalued for rates. In general values are increasing but some will see reductions. The rate multipliers have gone down each year for the last 3 years so the amount due may not change very much.
By Emma Tester 16 Mar, 2017
In his Budget 2015 the chancellor George Osborne changed the basis of dividend tax and increased tax on business owners with effect from April 2016. Now dividend tax is seeing a further increase!
By Emma Tester 13 Mar, 2017
HMRC have decided that some businesses are gaining too much from the flat rate scheme.
By Emma Tester 10 Mar, 2017

In his Spring Budget speech on March 8th the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, whilst cracking jokes, announced that the self employed had an unfair advantage over employees because they paid less national insurance than employees. And so, now the pensions regime had changed and the self employed would benefit from higher pensions it was time to make it fair. Self employed national insurance would increase by 1% from April 2018 and a further additional 1% from April 2019.  Since the budget announcements, he has now retracted this statement. 

So where do you stand as a self employed person?

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Did you know...

The Chancellor announced two new tax allowances in his Budget for 2016, these allowances come in to effect from 2017/18. 
An allowance of £1,000 will be available against your income from certain types of rental properties and from micro-businesses!

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