Auto-enrolment - It's time to get organised!

  • by Carole Jordan
  • 13 Apr, 2015
Small business owners preparing themselves for auto enrolment
Auto-Enrolment is upon us, for those small businesses with employees now is the time to be sure you know what this will mean for your business. If you are concerned or confused we are here to help!

Auto-enrolment factsheet

The Pensions Regulator have provided a checklist so you can be sure you have all the correct information:  The Pensions Regulator Checklist

This is not as complicated as it may first appear but you do need to put some thought to it.

Preparing for Auto Enrolment

The staging dates for the implementation of this pension scheme within small businesses is ever approaching. We recommend you allow yourself at least 12 months to prepare, and as staging dates for employers of less than 50 employees start this financial year, you should have ideally started planning already!


If you fail to meet the requirements by the deadline you could face a penalty notice. 166 fixed penalty notices (£400 fines) were issued from October to December 2014. We don’t want you to be subject to such penalties.

Think you have no auto enrolment duties?

You will need to inform the Pensions Regulator in writing.

If you still need to find out your staging date please do so at the  Pensions Regulator Website . All you will need is your PAYE reference.

Once you’ve done this our advice is to check which categories your employees fall into and how much each of your contributions will be.

BusinessHeads’ MD Carole Jordan has been educating herself on all things Auto Enrolment, so if you are at all concerned please give us a call on: 01273 882200.

All details above were correct at the time of publishing - for more up to date information please get in touch .

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