ATOL reporting accountant

We work with Independent Travel Operators throughout the UK to help them comply with their ATOL Reporting obligations

BusinessHeads is an Authorised ATOL Reporting Accountant under the current Guidance Notice 10

Based in Brighton, and working with Limited Company Travel Operators who work out of the UK, we provide a personal service which is bespoke to your business.

Being an ATOL operator is demanding, and with over 20 years working with travel operators in the UK we understand that good compliance is absolutely essential for ongoing success. In achieving this compliance it is important to minimise the distraction and disruption to the day to day business of looking after your customers.

Our approach is to firstly, understand your business, then to apply our skills and knowledge in the most efficient way to meet the requirements of Guidance 10.

Currently the ATOL Accountants Report is in two sections:

Part 1:
Confirming your Quarterly or Annual Gross revenue on departure date, and passenger numbers on booking date and departure date.
Part 2:
Reporting on various aspects of your statutory accounts identifying for assessment purposes by ATOL.
Carole Jordan at Business Heads was incredibly helpful when we found ourselves needing a new accountant last year due to changed ATOL regulations.  As one of few qualified ATOL reporting accountants in the area Carole was quick to respond to our queries and did an excellent and thorough job of completing our ATOL return at short notice. 
Heather MacBrayne, Discover South America Ltd

Accounting and tax services

Our accountancy services feed into the ATOL reporting process so that when we prepare your figures we identify them for Part 2 of the report, so there is no duplication of effort and costs.
Throughout this process we have your tax position in mind and, working along side you, we get the best tax outcome for you too.

Advice on systems to help save you time and money

Appropriate systems are fundamental to provide the information efficiently and accurately. 
 We can advise you on the how to achieve this from our knowledge of small business software and the requirements of ATOL.

Cost effective solutions for your business

Unlike larger accountancy suppliers we recognise the importance of value for money for the smallest operators. 
Our rates are lower than many of the ARAs, our accountants are fully qualified as well as authorised by ATOL and because our service is more personal you get better value from our feedback and support.
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